Friday, March 1, 2013

Lettermo Challenge Complete!

Here is a list of all the people I sent something to for the month of letters 2013
This Challenge was really fun and I intend to do it every year from now on :D

Day 1: Stephanie
Day 2: Naomi
Day 3: Rhiannon
Day 4: Ria
Day 5: Audrey
Day 6: Fab
Day 7: Cassie
Day 8: Brad
Day 9: Elizabeth
Day 10: Kika
Day 11: Ian
Day 12: Anny
Day 13: Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt
Day 14: Jenn
Day 15: Audrey
Day 16: Cassie
Day 19: Brad 
Day 20: Stephanie
Day 21: Hanae
Day 22: Ian
Day 23: Natsumi

I was so happy to complete this project! :D

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