Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi there!

So this last month has been very busy one for me! So first off I will start with some mail :D

I received a letter from Audrey in Minneapolis (A dear friend of mine from High School) and the first letter from Anny in Sweden :D

I also got a letter from Kika in Belgium! She sent me some fun Christmas items! 

I sent out responses to all three of these lovely ladies :D

Then I received my first letters from Rhiannon in the UK and Ria in Romania! Also another response from Audrey. 

Since I have been so busy I am a touch behind on my letters xD Over the next week I should find some time to catch up!


  1. I would recognize Ria's envelopes anywhere :D and those cat stickers are so fun! Anyway it's weird you haven't received my package yet.. I hope it arrives soon! x

    1. I am sure I will get your package soon! Mail has been weirdly slow the last two months so hopefully sometime this week I will get it!