Monday, May 13, 2013


So I have not made a post in almost two months! Ah! I have been busy busy busy!! So I will update you on what has been going on with me!

This was a big month for me. I had the Midwest Beauty show and my trip to JAPAN.

The Midwest Beauty show was so much fun! I got to work with Mark Hayes(The International Creative Director for Sassoon) for 3 days and it was incredible. Being able to work with someone who is so talented is so inspiring. It made me really realize how much working for Sassoon is what I want to do. I definitely cannot wait till next year when the show comes around again and I get to present models!

JAPAN WAS AMAZING!! Words cannot describe the time that I had there! I plan on making a super detailed post about my trip so keep an eye out for that! Also you can check out my photography tumblr for some of the photos I took on the trip.

April was pretty quiet compared to March but I did celebrate my 23 birthday! I had a small get together of a few friends and we went to The Flat Iron which is a bar located in Wicker park. It was super fun and I may have drank a little too much haha.

I had a lot of incoming letters over the past couple months but because of lack of time I didnt document all of them so to those who wrote me letters you should be expecting a response soon!

Sorry again for the lack of posts!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So here is a quite large mail post!

Starting off with the amazing Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt!! 
The first thing I will show is the package I sent off to Aida in Malaysia~

I sent her a city travler's guide, something that represents me, something seasonal(Valentine's day), a mix CD, and something with animals. I hope she really liked it :D

Now for what I received from the lovely Kate in San Diego~

I received a mix CD, something you can wear, bad day survival kit, postal freaks kit, and something that represents her :D It was so nice and I loved everything in it!

Now onto some outgoing mail~

These are going to Rhiannon in the UK, Audrey in Minneapolis, Kika in Belgium, a thank you note to Kate in San Diego, and Ria in Romania. 

Also four of my pen pals will be receiving an easter egg with a surprise inside :D I wont say who so as to not ruin the surprise! Aren't they cute?

Finally some mail that I received just the other day~
A super cute letter from Kika in Belgium.

Another lovely letter from Ria in Romania. 

A fun letter from Rhiannon in the UK.

Lastly I received a package from The Love Parcel! I had sent her something a couple weeks ago and got an amazing envelope full of stuff :D

I have to say this has been a really good couple weeks of mail for me. I received so many great things!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Lettermo Challenge Complete!

Here is a list of all the people I sent something to for the month of letters 2013
This Challenge was really fun and I intend to do it every year from now on :D

Day 1: Stephanie
Day 2: Naomi
Day 3: Rhiannon
Day 4: Ria
Day 5: Audrey
Day 6: Fab
Day 7: Cassie
Day 8: Brad
Day 9: Elizabeth
Day 10: Kika
Day 11: Ian
Day 12: Anny
Day 13: Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt
Day 14: Jenn
Day 15: Audrey
Day 16: Cassie
Day 19: Brad 
Day 20: Stephanie
Day 21: Hanae
Day 22: Ian
Day 23: Natsumi

I was so happy to complete this project! :D

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mail time!

New incoming mail from Fab in Italy! She sent me a lovely package full of treats and a super cute camera necklace :D

Out going letters to Audrey in Minnesota, Rhiannon in the UK, Fab in Italy, Ria in Romania and to two new pen pals Naomi in the UK and Stephanie in Indiana.

I also decided to take the Lettermo Challenge! I am super excited about it and looking forward to completing it!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi there!

So this last month has been very busy one for me! So first off I will start with some mail :D

I received a letter from Audrey in Minneapolis (A dear friend of mine from High School) and the first letter from Anny in Sweden :D

I also got a letter from Kika in Belgium! She sent me some fun Christmas items! 

I sent out responses to all three of these lovely ladies :D

Then I received my first letters from Rhiannon in the UK and Ria in Romania! Also another response from Audrey. 

Since I have been so busy I am a touch behind on my letters xD Over the next week I should find some time to catch up!