Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mail time~

Time for some Mail~

So first is a package I received from Cassie in Japan! She sent me some amazing things!
- A super cute Rilakkuma note pad
- Stephen King's Pet cemetery
-Some Rilakkuma pencils
- A figurine of Stocking from Panty&Stocking
-Caramel corn
-She also sent me this AMAZING Kiroitori plush that is currently in my car which is why its not in the picture.

Out going mail:

A response to Cassie in Japan.

First letters sent to Ria in Romania and Rhiannon in the UK. :D

Thats it for now! I am expecting quite a few letters in the mail but because of the holidays I believe they are all delayed. Hopefully I will get them soon :D

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  1. Hello! I'm ely from Mexico! ^^ nice to meet you! I really love what that girl from japan sent you *-* nice mail.